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the kennels

We have 19 wonderful Kennels; each one spacious, cosy, clean and secure, suitable for every breed, size and even the most pampered of pooches. 


One block is located next to the house; this is the block we use for dogs who can find the kennel environment a little daunting, such as older dogs, dogs with special needs, puppies and nervous dogs.


Our facilities are of extremely high standard, with hygienic bedrooms and large adjoining covered runs.

Having a small number of kennels means everyone gets our undivided attention throughout the day and nobody is competing for attention.

what to expect:

Individual one to one attention, grooming and play sessions

A full range of tinned, dry foods and treats, including top range brands (Excluding prescription and raw diets, please bring them plus feeding instructions with you) 
Plenty of toys and comfortable bedding (Personal items are always welcomed, and encouraged) 

Twice daily walk, either in our own paddocks or along the drove (Plus time out in our exercise yard)

Fully heated kennels (At no extra cost)
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