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the cattery

Our beautiful Cattery houses 21 chalets, in 3 different sizes. Comfy, secure, clean and snug, it is sure to please even the fussiest of felines.


The chalets have indoor bedrooms with cosy beds and controlled heating which keeps everything warm, whilst having unlimited access to attached covered runs outside, allowing everyone to have a good stretch, relax on the sunbathing shelves or have a nosy at the ponies in the paddock.

Full height sneeze barriers mean residents can see each other but at no time can they have contact with a cat from another family, this greatly reduces the risk of disease.

The Cattery benefits from having a range of chalet sizes, meaning cats can be boarded singly, in doubles or larger families of 3+. These are perfect for long-term boarding too! 


Having a small number of chalets means everyone gets our undivided attention throughout the day and nobody is competing for attention.

what to expect:

A full range of tinned, dry foods and treats, including top range brands (Excluding prescription and raw diets, please bring them plus feeding instructions with you) 
Individually heated chalets (At no extra cost)

Extra large chalets and runs, perfectly suited for families of 3+ or long term boarding

Plenty of toys and comfortable bedding (Personal items are always welcomed, and encouraged) 

Individual one to one attention, grooming and play sessions

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